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Building Information Modeling (BIM) Service


We Offer Top Quality, Economical BIM Services to our clients globally. We are proficient at executing all sorts of BIM Projects starting from Small, Medium or Large dimensions. We can construct BIM Models for Residential Buildings, Health Care Needs, Clubs, Hospitals and Office buildings. We offer BIM Services in area of Architectural, Structural and MEP. We have a team of Architects, Modelers and Detailers who possess expertise in all kind of BIM software that facilitate Building Information Modeling. We work on Revit Architectural, Revit Structural and Revit MEP software along with AutoCAD.

Building Information Modeling Services

Outsource CAD Services specializes in providing bespoke and advanced level of Building Information Modeling at competitive rates. Our array of services include the following

Architectural BIM :

  • Building simple to complex Virtual Construction Models
  • Envelope and Cladding
  • Creating Revit Models using Design options
  • Bill of Quantities
  • Checking Co-ordinates
  • Scheduling
  • 4D and Clash Detection
  • Structural BIM :

    • Building Structural Models
    • Columns and Beams
    • Envelope and Cladding
    • Bill of Quantities
    • Rebar Detailing
    • Checking co-ordinates with Architectural and Structural Models
    • 4D and Clash Detection

    MEP BIM :

    • Mechanical BIM Modeling
    • Electrical BIM Modeling
    • Plumbing Model
    • 4D and Clash Detection
    • We have an in house capacity of Modelers with proven track record of executing high end Architectural BIM Projects. Understanding our client requirements and providing customized BIM Solutions is our core strength. We have a very stringent quality check process which helps us provide high precision BIM solutions.

      We possess expertise in transforming 2d Drawings into Virtual Building Models that can provide an actual picture of how a building would look like when constructed. Advantages of availing BIM Services are

      Advantages of BIM:

      • Provides excellent Coordination between Architect, Engineers and Construction Divisions
      • Imbibing of more than one detailing and design substitutes, different models, within one single model.
      • Creating high precision Construction Documents and 2D Drawings in much less time than doing it in 2d drafting
      • Excellent Pre-construction support therefore improves Quality of Construction
      • Fastens Detailing time by reducing modification time, instead automatically makes changes everywhere in the model where applicable that too proportionately.
      • Clash Detection can be done prior to construction

      We are capable of creating BIM Models from CAD Drawings, Hand-Drawn 2D Sketches, Jpeg files or images. We use Revit Architectural, Revit Structural and Revit MEP software to execute BIM Projects. Revit Software is designed and developed specially for Building Information Modeling. Revit’s robust features and multiple functionalities help in achieving quick results. Their parametric families systems help accomplish automated changes throughout the model without much manual efforts.

      We assure superior quality within quick turnaround time pertaining to any Revit BIM Project whether Revit MEP, Revit Architecture or Revit Structure

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